Sunday 1 August 2010

Sunday's Sacred Pampering Day

Today take the time to cherish yourself a little more than usual. Whether its five minutes more in the tub, allowing your feet to soak in the hottest water you can stand and then moisturizing your feet, whatever you choose do something good for yourself today.

In this modern fast paced world its hard to remember to take care of yourself first otherwise you will have nothing left in which to take care of your family, I am a big advocate of the one day vacation, from all your responsibilities, let someone else pick up the toys and clothes from around the house,have your partner cook dinner, tell your children that today is your special day and mean it. It can be hard when you first start off for even you to remember that the only thing you HAVE to do today is what you REALLY WANT to do.

Sit back, put on some good music and rejuvenate yourself, and most of all DON'T feel guilty. You NEED this to be a better wife, husband, partner, lover, friend, daughter  (just keep adding all you titles here)
So go ahead take the extra five minutes for some alone time. Remember that your children and partners are watching you, how you take care of yourself and place yourself first will teach them that they are worthy of being taken care of and wholly loved. So set a good example:

And if they ask what brought this on.
tell em a Goddess told you (Not me of course but Aphrodite)

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