Friday 27 August 2010

Paranormal Telly: Vampire Diaries Pre ~Season Review

Stephan, Elena, Damon
I have to admit when I heard they were going to make these books into a tv show I was seriously excited. During high school thoughts of Damon Salvatore fueled a lot of fantasies (me kicking Elena to the side and Damon loving me instead, What?? A girl can dream!!).  I was really looking forward to meeting the kick ass Meredith, the slightly ditzy Bonnie, and the whole host of characters, including Elena's nemesis Caroline.

Color me surprised when reading L.J Smith's website she mentioned that there wasn't going to be a Meredith O_O. This is the author who's books about Salem Mass helped to fuel my journey into paganism, so i was not happy to hear they were messing with the way things were!!

But i resigned myself to watching just to see what the series was going to be like, and I must say even though they depart greatly from the books, they do manage to carry some of the story in. Now if you haven't had the chance to read the books, I won't ruin the show for you, but in the books Meredith is an essential character, Stefan isn't such a wimp (or maybe he is hmmm have to go re-read these then) and Elena was definetly Blonde. My sister who is a teenager and has had the privilege of reading my copy of the books (they still look brand new I'll freely admit to being anal about my books) mentioned that the reason they changed it was well to make her look more like Bella ( a book series  she has read but I haven't)

Check out the show, its pretty good.  The Damon guy is gorgeous. The show actually flows pretty well, especially if you haven't read the books. (Doesn't mean you shouldn't give them a try, I love them to this day) And side note I actually liked the old covers the new covers don't quite carry the same feel to it the others did, maybe just me, but hey whatchagoinado?

Anyhoo. park the broom and enjoy the show!!

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