Friday 20 August 2010

What fairy tales ...

never told me.

In many of the fairy tales we grew up with as children, the women get rescued and "cured" of their ailments and go on to live happily ever after once they are wed......... What BS!! Yes I'm calling BS on this. I'm really blaming Disney too, those darn cartoons with the perfect endings. (Ok its not really Disney's fault you bought the party line about love and happiness)
No where in any of those stories do these young women actively attempt to save their own necks, except maybe in Belle's case, but in Sleeping Beauty(otherwise known as Aurora) or Cinderella's case??
I mean really why didn't she just tell her step mother to kick rocks and go find a job somewhere? Why stick around for the promise of love and affection if you clean this perfectly?? Isn't that the definition of an abusive relationship?

We all can't be perfect Princesses
Anyhoo that wasn't the point of this blog, thats for another time. I wanted to discuss the concept of the perfect life: one where there is no strife, and you and Prince Charming (or Princess, whateva your preference, I don't judge) live fantastical amazingly perfect lives. (this is why i like the Brother's Grimm tales better than Disney)
Never in these stories do they get sick, never do they have doubts about their choices, never do they wonder about the Prince and his choices (I mean who kisses someone who looks dead? Those Princes deserve at least a weird side eye O_o  ie. Aurora & Snow White).
how different would the story have been if Cinderella had MS?? She probably wouldn't have made it to the ball then ugh?
Or Aurora, what if she had Lupus, when the Prince went to kiss her??

What if they really looked or acted like this would the Princess still have married them?
And what if Belle was suffering from OCD or depression? (guess she wouldn't have had time to fix the Beast then!!)
None of these scenarios would ever make it into a Disney movie because they are bits of escapism for everyone, young and old.  The only real problem that arises is when I see the children on the different wards in the hospital who hold these characters up as ideals, because they don't have their disease or difficulties.  Sometimes it can be could to see role models who are "healthy" (cause I really can't get down with Cindy hanging around with an abusive woman as good story to share with kids, physically she was fine, but ole girl has a few mental issues there); but we all seek to be apart of a group a place where we fit, and having a character on tv who looks like you, or who has the disease you have would go a long way in helping some of these kids have hope ( and lets face it for us adult sufferers too).

If some celebrity endorsed the Lupus Foundation  or talked about Lupus (other than Lady Gaga), it would go a long way in helping us feel like we fit in, and not so much like we are outcasts from the American Ideal Dream. Hell no one would dream of these diseases for themselves or their worst enemies, yet they are here and we have to deal with them and face the reality of them, and it would be nice not to have to feel like a freak when watching tv or movies with their perfect characters.

And feeling like your not alone goes along way in helping to accept your disease.
*It doesn't have to be a celebrity but it seems like no one knows about Lupus and what it is or how it affects you, and people make idiot assumptions all the time (like " So you have a immune disease, Is that like AIDS??" O_o). If someone could acknowledge it then more people would be willing to learn about it, not just when they or someone close becomes a Lupus patient.*
Stay healthy my loves and if not possible at least stay Positive

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  1. Hi! I just wanted to stop by and answer the question you left on my blog about Artemis being the virgin warrior, not a mother goddess. I left the answer over there as well, but I wanted to make sure you'd get the answer to your question. =)

    Artemis has many aspects, the most well known as the virgin warrior, but she was also known as Artemis Ephesus - The Great Mother Goddess.

    If you'd like to read more about this aspect of Artemis, you can check out:

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