Friday 6 August 2010

Awww the crisp

feel of fall in the air. Today is the day before Lammas and i woke to the birds singing and the sweet feel of a bit of chill in the air (ok i was supposed to post this last week but i got distracted so sue me).

Its a new season, the stores are stocking school supplies and gorgeous fall decorations, and I'm beginning to ...what the hell is that........ noooo oh sweet Goddess it is if i told you, you wouldn't believe me so I'm going to show you:

Yes ladies and gents those are CHRISTMAS decorations in the store. Now i have heard of Christmas in July sales but really???!!!! Really??!!! Are stores really that desperate for people to start shopping NOW?!?!  JULY 31st no less!!

 I mean we ONLY have 143!!!! days left.
Lets start the frenzy from now !!! What the hell??

Ok truly that wasn't the point of this blog( really wasn't).  I just as a pagan have really begun to notice not just the change in dates on the calender but the changes in nature, there is a feeling at this time of year that is absolutely amazing and very hard to recreate or capture. But there is so much magic in the air, the slowing down the coolness the prepping for the long drawn out winter. Now i know as modern pagans many of us are living close to the land but still rely on the supermarket for when we run out, but just imagine this time of year for our ancestors was a signal to start prepping the ice boxes, to really kick into high gear the storing, jarring and preserving (which i have been studying, more on that later).

This was the time to really come together as a community and make sure every one's repairs got done so that they could make through the coming season when the earth and many of the animals they relied on rested.

There is a subtle change in the air, and even though we are still in Summer, Mother Nature has begun to slip slowly into the coming Fall, and the sweet crisp morning air carries the chill of Fall, the cicadas that slept during the full heat of summer have come out and now their music fills the air playing a sweet soundtrack to the seasons changes.

This is my favorite time of year, when you can actually feel and see the changes of Mother Nature.

The other reason i love this season? Well but of course the Witch's New Year. Yes ladies and gents I'm already planning where, what and how of my Samhain, aren't you?

As always Safe flights my loves

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