Sunday 29 August 2010

Sacred Pampering Ritual:

Hello my loves

Welcome to another week of sacred pampering. A lot of what we will be discussing is taken from the the book "Sacred Pampering Principles" by Debrena Jackson Gandy and "Body Sacred" by Dianne Sylvan.

One of the major issues we face in taking time for ourselves is feeling like we are somehow taking away from the people we are taking care of.  We have the image of being the Superwoman in our lives (& unfortunately we sometimes have to be).
Its hard to step away from this guilt & understand that we have to take care of ourselves first to be able to take care of the others in our lives.
So this week ask yourself the following questions:
1) If you were in the "perfect" relationship you dream of what would you do in your life that you aren't doing now? Would you cook more, eat out more, dance more? What would you do?

2)What brings you Joy? What brought you joy as a little child? (try to list ten things each)

3) what are the myths that keep you from achieving these joys? From taking care of yourself if you were in the "perfect relationship with the perfect partner"?
list them all no one else is going to see the list so write it all out!!!

Have a Blessed Weekend my loves

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