Sunday 22 August 2010

Sacred Pampering Ritual:

Hi my loves,
 hopefully you have found a good schedule that works for youl and that you have begun to incorporate the Sacred Pampering Rituals into your life.

Today  is going to be a little different, how do you ask?  Today I want you to unplug; shut down the computer, turn off the phone, and just walk outside.

In our state its drizzling but there is nothing like walking and feeling as if the Goddess is washing you clean as you walk.  Pause put your feet on the ground, feel the earth beneath you feel the sky above you, reconnect, even if but a few moments before you return back to home, work and family.

Take these few moments and relax. Let yourself go and let the earth renew you today. For today be simple, the bills, emails, voicemails, and everything will still be there, but you need a moment to come back to center & ground yourself. Listen to the still quiet voice within and just BE!!

That's it my loves: Simply relax and let the Goddess flow over you today.

Go unplug everything (not the fridge) but all the things you don't need right this moment and take a few moments to reconnect to plug back into you.

As always my loves,
Blessed Be and fly safe

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