Saturday 28 August 2010

Exploring My state: Walk on the Beach

Exploring Connecticut

The North is known for its amazing coast lines, many people when they discuss New England talk about Mass & Maine when they really discuss the beaches, but CT is not to be forgotten. The amazing Long Island Sound creates a gorgeous beach line in Fairfield County, & Block Island; further out there is Mystic and all its amazing views & a short drive into Mass.

My summer plan was to get to know my state better, so it was more of a staycation than a vacation, but i considered the fact that others come to CT to watch the leaves change in the Fall or drive out to Mystic and I live here its not really a boring staycation its a getting to know my state.

So far this summer I have gone up to Mystic, (I went as a child but I wanted to go as an adult), I have also gone into Danbury, where there are remnants of the Revolutionary War, as well as seeing the Danbury Train Museum. I also went to several local farms, and roamed many a trail in the local parks. (My Gods this state has a lot of parks)

I'm putting up a video of my walk along the beach in Fairfield county:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend my loves. blessed be

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