Thursday 5 August 2010

Series Review

Hey Readers

I happened on a post from one of my fave bloggers Mrs Bs Confessions and she wanted to know about our top paranormal authors. I of course thought, wow this would be a great post for today.

I happened to be reading an amazing series at the moment by Heather Graham. She has quiet a few of her books dealing with the paranormal. Her books include great heros, fabulous heroines and mostly realistic situations (isn't the point to suspend belief).

Haunted  This story is about Matt Stone a small town sheriff, who's home is haunted, and Darcy Tremayne, a psychic who works for Adam Investigations.  This one is amazing because it sets up the story which allows us to know why Adam Investigations got started. I love the back story and the sizzle that comes up between Matt and Darcy.

Ghost Walk In this story the employee of a New Orleans Ghost tour is murdered and shows up at the end of the bed of her boss, who helps the police to launch an investigation.  The paranormal investigator Brent Blackhawk also goes to help this investigation.  I particularly love this one because she places this story in New Orleans which is great considering Hurricane Katrina.

The Seance  A Florida serial killer is on the loose, and the person everyone thought was responsible is now haunting Christina Hardy after she and her friends have a seance.  Suspected killer, and the police investigator Beau Kidd is now haunting her and attempting to help solve the murders which also claimed his life. This is of course another great story (i wouldn't tell you about it if it wasn't)

The Presence
Toni Fraser and her friends came up with what they thought was a great story. Which turned out to be a lot more real than they expected, when the owner of castle they purchased  this story is amazing and gets very good very fast.

I have checked out so many of her books and I love the ones i have read so far. So if you have a chance check her out, her series about the Adam Harrison Investigators are amazing.

Ill post more about the other books that i am reading to make apart of our paranormal book section of the Witch's library.

Well that's another book in the library for ya!!

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