Thursday 12 August 2010

If your going to stay at home

do something to show for it. Now i understand you have a new addition to your family and a new child in an established family always takes getting used to. But this is disgusting.

I'm a germaphobe.   I will freely admit to that & there are few places I will eat out, and even fewer friends i will eat from. So color me surprised when a really put together friend of mine invited me to spend the weekend at the families summer home.

Yes Yes I understand that its summer and people have more important things to do than clean, but if your having friends over Shouldn't you at least pretend to clean??
My mom has what she calls "company clean" its the cleaning you do when your going to have company over, you know to make sure everything visible is neat and organized, you shut the doors on bedrooms not cleaned before company arrives and no one will ever know about those messes. Now my mom would make Johnson &Johnson proud, she uses bleach like its water, she uses Comet/Ajax regularly so doing "company clean" usually for her means putting away the shoes that have collected at the most used doors (garage, front and back doors); and maybe fluffing up some pillows, Her house stays "company clean" and with a family like ours it has to.
Growing up my home was the neighborhood club house, everyone came over and usually unannounced, different cousins would drop by and have their friends with them and my sisters friends were over so often they knew where all the dishes were!!
A clean house is a necessity.

Back to our story:  I love water, i mean really love drinking water and i love Brita water filters, (this will make sense in a  moment), its the second night here and its a little after midnight i get thirsty and go get some water, the pitcher is empty its a huge Brita family pitcher and I "being a good friend" decide to fill it up, flip the light switch cause now i need to see what I am doing not just pouring water anymore.... (the pitcher she has)

Imagine walking into a room that's covered in grime and slime, you wouldn't expect to find anything clean there right??? Now imagine my horror when i pulled of the cap and discovered the mess waiting for me.

There was mold, i mean serious deep green mold, mold that comes around when something hasn't been cleaned in months years even, the filter was covered i mean covered in mold and the black sand from inside had migrated into the holding chamber. (picture below of filters looking nice and clean)
I wanted to throw-up. I have been there for two days now drinking eight glasses of water everyday, using ice from her fridge, eating meals from her fridge and she has MOLD!! You what the sad part is her fridge is white the water pitcher is white the outside looks clean its the inside of the chamber that's a mess, which begs me to wonder when was the last time she changed the filter?!?!?!? Because this is gross
Color me horrified
 Trying not to gag i grab the gloves and dish washing liquid hit the hot water tap to scalding and went to work.  The part that is horrifying is that children have been drinking from this. Yes dear readers including a baby who bottle feeds. Tyring not to imagine that this is now in my system i go to put the pitcher away when i notice something black on the dish drainer, the container that holds my plates from dinner, when the lip of my cup sits, when the point of the knife i used to cut the steak is resting ..... you guessed it more mold not green this time, this mold is the worst kind its black, it covers the entire bottom draining board; the cup where the silverware is wallowing in it, the spouts for the cups also have some and i have to wonder how the fudge can people live this way???? How did i not know you were nasty??? I'm never ever eating from you again. If i get sick from this I'm dropping you as a friend this is gross, i can ignore the fact that there are no organization in your home, i can pretend not to notice that Toys R Us threw up in your house, that your children knows nothing about picking up after themselves but can tell me how to beat the next mission in call of duty 4, but this this is what really changes a friendship.

I know i know your a new (again, you would think after a few she would have some experience) mom and you have more important things to worry about, well think on this, a clean home is a healthy home, which is a HAPPY home. Cause if its not clean, it becomes as we have already seen a place for mold to grow, and if you don't sweep the dining room soon it will be a haven for rodents, and the no-existent trash bins (garbage hanging from a door handle in the kitchen is sooooooo over ) go to the dollar store and buy some they cost $1.00 you have the money for gameboy games you have the money for trash bins.  When it becomes unhealthy your family becomes unhealthy then the bills pile in and YOU become unhappy. 

Goddess only knows what else is hiding in that place!! I'm glad i had to leave.  The sad part is readers, she's a stay at home mom!!! what the heck are doing with your days??? the baby sleeps for hours on end, what are you doing??? You have a daughter if you don't teach her who will?? And you son is going to think its ok to do this with his future wife, you need To. Do. Better. Set a good example.

 Is she acting out?? Is that it?? I know she dealt with depression before but this is crazy!! There is not being motivated and then there is just plain lazy. I'll tell you readers, she goes out three to four times a week, she needs to stay home and really clean that place, not just "company clean".
what say you readers, am I being too harsh? I understand she has a new child but what the hell is her husband doing then? Cause he's just as culpable, i know I'm not the only person to have lifted the container top to fill it.

As always Fly safe and CLEAN dear readers.

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