Wednesday 18 August 2010

It's in the Library

There are many books serious books about the pagan, witchy, alternative lifestyle out there. I'm going to tell you about some fiction ones you can check out and add to the library.

For teens in particular there are a few good books out there that properly portray who and what it is to be a witch.
The author I am talking about today is: Isobel Bird
Her books are great fun as they follow several young women on the journey to becoming witches as they study and learn about wicca on their year and a day.

The publisher's description of the series is:

"Are magical powers real? Can you use them to get good grades or a date with the cutest guy at school? Sophomore Kate Morgan isn't sure, but she's willing to find out. After bringing home some books on the Salem witch trials for a research project, Kate discovers a volume she doesn't remember checking out--Spells and Charms for the Modern Witch. Intrigued, she thinks she has found a quick fix for her Valentine's Day datelessness. But after hastily casting a love spell, Kate realizes she has set a universal force in motion that not only nets her intended hottie, but every guy at school. Suddenly all the boys at Beecher Falls High have a crush on Kate. Desperate to end the curse that makes all guys love her--and consequently, all girls hate her--Kate finds a way to uncover other wannabe teen witches."
There are 15 books in the series and they are all well worth reading and investigating even as adults. Here are their names:

  1. So Mote it Be
  2. Merry meet
  3. Second Sight 
  4. What the cards said
  5. In the dreaming
  6. Ring of light
  7. Blue moon
  8. The Five paths
  9. Through the Veil
  10. Making the Saint
  11. House of Winter
  12. Written in the Stars
  13. An it Harm None
  14. The Challenge box
  15. Initiation
I really enjoyed reading these books and watching the girls grow and learn about themselves and their magical strengths. The book follows the traditional one year and a day calendar and each one is a different Sabbat as well as a different lesson being learned on the path. Love them.

As always,
Happy reading my loves

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