Monday 9 August 2010

Monday Movie Review:

This weekend was the anniversary of Jamaica's independence, and we had a lot of family over to celebrate, and as always there are movies to be watched and lots of discussions going on. But I managed to squeeze in some really good movies on the side.

This weekend was dedicated to the blondes: Marilyn and Grace.

I personally think that Marilyn is underrated as an actress her movies are amazingly good comedies, and we all know that being a good comedic actress or actor is very very hard.

I checked out "How to marry a millionaire" and fell in love with Marilyn Monroe, she is amazing. A great actress although she isn't the only female lead.

The first "Old" movie (musical) I ever saw and fell in love with was High Society which had Louie Armstrong (and man can he sing), Bing Cosby, Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly(and many others but these are the main characters).  I love this movie, the storyline flows really well, the songs and dance numbers are amazing. The dance number between Frank and Bing?!!! Just too amazing. Don't just take my word for it, here's a clip:

After this amazing movie my sisters and i followed up with the iconic movie of Marilyn Monroe:

"Diamonds are a girls best friend" is one of the most amazing scenes, but this movie is funny as ever, from beginning to end i loved it. I now have on my ipod " Just two little girls" this movie is just too much fun!!

Jack Lemmon, Marilyn Monroe & Tony Curtis what a trio this movie was hilarious and the end is just too much, I mean really really good!! And Marilyn's "dumb blonde" routine is just so good, I loved this movie.

I wish the movies coming out now had even a tenth of some of this stuff, don't get me wrong i love my blow up- shoot 'em up movies but sometimes you need some good hijincks like this.

So the movies i knocked off the list of 1001 :

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