Thursday, 19 August 2010

Paranormal Telly: Blood Ties

Before there was Sookie Stackhouse there was Vicki Nelson, private investigator.

Before there was William "Bill" Compton there was Henry Fitzroy (sorry Bill you lose this time)

Here is the synapsis of the show:

Get ready to take a thrilling ride alongside Vicki Nelson, a private investigator who specializes in solving supernatural crimes. Together with her assistant, Coreen; Vicki's ex-partner (and lover), Mike; and the sexy 450-year-old vampire, Henry, Vicki finds herself delving ever deeper into the secrets of the mystical world, all the while torn between her allegiance to Mike and her growing attraction to Henry.

The chemistry between the characters is amazing. You can really feel the sizzle with Henry, Vicki and Mike. The story lines follow the books pretty well but man oh man Tanya Huff couldn't have picked a better vamp than Henry. Coreen is an amazing Goth chick who kicks ass when needed and her boss Vicki is too cool for school ( yeah i used it so sue me).

This show has amazing graphics and amazing story lines and i love love the funny things from each episode
Vicki "Your really into this paranormal stuff"  Coreen " Like ectoplasm on a poltergeist" 
Had me howling for a few weeks looking for any opportunity to use it *never did get the chance:( *
You can watch the full seasons here online at mylifetime and purchase the dvds from

You can enjoy the books from Tanya Huff at your local Borders  or Amazon.

As always my love
enjoy this new show



  1. I thought I was the only person who loved this show!!!!! And Henry was a total hottie....I love men with dark hair and pale skin.

  2. @Aelwyn I love this show i keep hoping they will listen to the fans and bring it back, maybe someday if not there are always the dvds. Henry is soooo hot (said in a teenage voice) LOL


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