Monday 23 August 2010

Children Learn

what they live.

For years while i went to college i worked as a nanny. I love children and my charges became like my own children. i helped to raise them, discipline them and teach them.  It was an amazing experience, it taught me more about raising children than observing my parents with my younger siblings ever could.

I wanted to share a story:

One of the first families I was a nanny for I started  when their children were two (Kelly) and 6 months old(Maria). I was there when she (maria) took her first step, said her first words, learned to use the potty and even when learned how all her alphabets. I was with them for three and 1/2 years and really enjoyed being there.  Mom worked from home, she owned her own business and her husband worked as her PR and human resources department.  Even though they worked in their wing of the house the children could come and go as they pleased (I really tried not to let this happen too often, but when the parents don't care then the rules don't stick).

Anyhoo, back to the story, one afternoon after the family was resettling back into their normal routine from vacation;  I was alone with my charges. The youngest, we will call her Maria, decided she wished to eat a piece of fruit, now normally this wouldn't be a problem, but over the vacation she had experienced reactions to the fruit which led to a hospital visit, so needless to say. No fruit for her.  Now normally this wouldn't be a problem, but today she threw a fit, I mean a full on no holds barred fit, cussing up a storm; I have never heard anyone use that kinda of language I mean really go at it. O_O

Of course I jumped in fixed her up real nice (along the lines of Who the Hell do you think oyu are talking to?)and set her to her room for the rest of the afternoon, no t.v nor books, no toys, she couldn't do anything without permission.  I was still attempting to wrap my mind around where she could have gotten this from when from the other wing of the house comes some serious stomping, shouting and yelling, I thought there was a fight taking place with a ton of drunk college students, using the same words that came outta the toddlers mouth was her father, yelling on the phone to a business contact about their "Unprofessional-ism" O_0

After dinner I told her parents what happened that afternoon and why she was on timeout for the rest of the afternoon, her older sister, who we will call Kelly asks " Will daddy be on time out too?" :O (couldn't have said it better myself)

So think about this, even though the children spent most of their days, with me away from their parents and their father's temper, they still managed to pick up the habit of cussing when things didn't go their way, not so much Kelly as he hadn't been home as much with her as with Maria,  imagine if she had thrown this tantrum somewhere else? Like say in the middle of church? In front of their friends?

Just because you think they can't understand you doesn't mean your children aren't learning, your tone of voice, your mannerisms, these are what children learn even before they can speak.

Keep that in mind the next time something doesn't go your way.
Do the things you want your children to learn and they will grow up how you want

Blessed be my loves

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