Monday 9 August 2010


they can make you happy, then can bring joy, and boy there's no one like family to pull you down. They alone know the buttons to push that can make you lose it in 2.5 seconds.

Last night i got to talking with one of my cousins and we came to the conclusion of  "Your required to love you family but you don't have to LIKE them". Now this may sound mean but its true, think about it, your required by nature to go to bat for the people you love, but you don't have to like or even condone their behaviour, their personality or their attitudes.

At family breakfast the other morning, the younger siblings got into it, you would have thought  that WWIII had been declared.  As with all arguments there was yelling a slamming door or two then they recovered and 15 minutes later they are laughing. Your family tries their best to push all your buttons, they know how to do so and make it a really know how to slide in the dagger beneath your defences.
Especially when you are so similar, you pick on the other persons vulnerabilities.

It was a definite lesson in how to fight without going beneath the belt. Keep a little calm and cool no one hit beneath the belt and you should be fine.

For our family we think its best to air out the issues, and never pretend that we feel things we don't really do, or pretend that things don't bother us when they do. Yes sometimes we may not say what we really want to say because may really hurt the other person. Winning is not the real objective of a fight its to air the dirty laundry and attempt to explain your position and feelings.
People will always have different opinions your family maybe there and you may love them, but sometimes you don't have to like them.

Have a blessed one my loves

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