Monday 30 August 2010

Kiss your hands to her times two

Hey have you ever looked at the movies and seen those amazing "werewolf" moons? You know the moons they use when they show the shadow moving over the moon then the man changes into the monster awwww.

I was going through the pics on my laptop and happened on this beauty from last December. Taken from my back step at 5:33 am (yeah the camera saves alot of details). As I drift deeper into my faith I had begun to notice the moon and the sky more. Paying attention to where the moon rises and where it sets. 
How I feel when I see the moon changes each month & sometimes even as I watch it rise.  I thought i would share them with you:

I have been watching the moon for the last few nights & have noticed the changes in how I fell as I was watching it. How much closer I felt to the Goddess as the moon flowed into room, I enjoyed how it plays over the furniture & over myself. I love to sit and pray beneath the moonbeams. Watching as the moon moves across the sky & sets, its pretty amazing.

How do you feel when the moonbeam flows over you? How does the moon inspire you?

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