Tuesday 12 October 2010

Do you speak

animal speak?  
Recently I made a prayer, and swiftly got an answer..... in the form of a bird.  A woodpecker to be exact.  So i immediately went to research what a woodpecker meant.  I checked out the book " Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews (which coincidentally a friend Wren just reviewed on her vlog).
In his book Mr.Andrews has linked the Woodpecker to the following attributes: weather prophet, drumbeats into other dimensions.  
I also did some research online and found that the Woodpecker is also highlighted with many more attributes including: prophecy, communication, change, progress, opportunity and many more. I don't mind sharing what I was praying about, I was seeking some help in change, and to receive the answer so swiftly was astounding.  
So I'll be working with the woodpecker for a little while.  I also noticed that the woodpecker is associated with rain, and being a messenger of coming rain.  Not too long (I swear I can't make this stuff up) after I heard the woodpecker which seemed to be making his way around the eaves of my home, it started to lightly rain.( don't believe me, check the weather channel for the weather in New England). 

I then thought what are the God or Goddess associations of the woodpecker?  I was surprised at the association of the war God Mars.   Yes I said Mars ( roman name,), who also has an aspect as an agricultural deity., Both the wolf and the woodpecker (called Picus) are sacred to him, his sacred month is March a time when seeds are starting to sprout, the woodpecker as most birds aide int he spreading of seeds and therefore are associated with Spring, which is also a time of plenty of rain.  The woodpecker is also associated with augury (sooth saying, prophecy it is a portent of what will happen in the future).
I want to share some of the birds of Samhian and their corresponding Gods and Goddesses., I will start tomorrow!!

What birds are speaking to you? Find out what do they have to do with Samhain?

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