Saturday 2 October 2010

Witch Moon ...

Rising,Witch Moon Waning
I love Maggie Shayne

This book is amazing even after years have passed I still remember this story.(Yes I re-read it for the challenge)  The little witch who sought help from her teacher, it certainly made for a fun and eventful read. The romance aspect certainly helped, but I loved the way the women's faith strengthen in the face of adversity instead of running and allowing others to dictate how she saw herself.  Being from a small town I can understand her desire not to have everyone know what her personal faith is, being in the broom closet sometimes is a necessity, especially if it makes it easier for your life when it can mean your job, or custody of your children.

The second story  "Witch Moon Waning "kinda confused me because I hadn't read the other tale  (Access) thats a precursor to this one so i felt lost, but when i took the time to read it properly it was an amazing read, the dilemma presented was right on the money And really opened your mind up to the possibilities.  Although i don't know if I could handle all the things she had to face just for love, hmmmm Idk what wouldn't I do for love? (yes its a Practical magic reference)

It certainly didn't hurt that the book came with spells in the back of the book. Gotta love the authors for sharing some of their book of shadows with readers.  The book is published by Spilled Candy publishing which is a great small publisher that prints books like these pretty often (since that is their focus) creating books for the Spiritual aspects of your life.

Since I liked Lorna Tedder when I read her in this book with Maggie Shayne I figured I should look her up for other books to read.  And I found "Flying by Night" this book has everything.  In this story there is polyamorous love, murder mystery, reincarnation, love and the search for oneself.  This book was the first I ever read about polyamory and it made me curious to know what its all about. I LOVE this book with a passion Lorna is an amazing writer, and she draws you into the story from the very beginning and makes you lvoe her characters.  You'll be rooting for the witches from beginning to end and shedding a tear or two also.

So check out Lorna Tedder and Maggie Shayne whenever you have a chance. I love these books  Make sure to support small businesses whenever you can.

Have a Blessed October Day
Bright Blessings

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