Friday 8 October 2010

Samhain is about

the end and a beginning.

Samhian is the end of the Celtic Year, it's the last day, the last huzzah for many in the Celtic tradition. There are many things that can be done on this day, including honoring the goddess in her Crone form, the God in his form Herne, the lord of the wild hunt, and learning about the future.

On Samhain the veil between the worlds is thinner than normal and many messages can be gleaned

There are many games which we play now a days at children's party which once held in the Victorian Age a more "serious" role of aiding in the gleaning of information about one's future.  These include: bobbing for apples, peeling the apple and throwing the peel over your shoulder, eating pies or dishes with treats baked in them. Or even "reading the cards"
Crone of Past
One of my favorite decks to use during Samhain is the Womanspirit deck. I got this deck several years ago when i went to Salem,(which I will talk about later)  these cards carry beautiful imagery which invoke so many different feelings as you use them.   
Earth mother
"Katherine Torres created the Faces of Womenspirit deck based on her many inner journeys to the Isle of Avalon, the sacred home of the feminine mysteries. She was called to create images of WomanSpirit, the Great Mother, the Goddess. The first 13 cards show the faces of one lunar year. Surrounding each face are animals, plants and other symbols of that phase in the cycle. The name of each card is given in English and in the Celtic Tree Alphabet. There are 20 additional cards, including the eleven feminine faces of the planets, sun and moon, 4 worlds, 3 women of time, the Self and WomanSpirit cards. The set also includes Faces of Womenspirit: A Celtic Oracle of Avalon (196 pages). This book describes each card's symbols and meaning on six levels and ways to connect with your own inner divine feminine. "  description on

Some of the best cards to add to your altar for this season are the ones pictured here, the Crone of the Past and the Earth Mother Cards.  You can also place the Oak card as this is a symbol of the season and of the God.  The cards are oversized which make them great for placing on the altar, because they look like "regular" pictures, (well compared to other tarot cards of course)  The creator of the deck has a wonderful page that anyone can stop by and see the deck in all its gorgeous glory as well as find information about using the cards. Stop by and check them out here: Faces of WomanSpirit 

As I have stated before this is a good time for clarification, particularly in the realm of love. Here is this month's ritual she sends to subscribers of her site

I will be sharing more on the divination aspect of Samhain later in the month.  Please share what you do for divination on Samhain in the comments section.

Love and Blessed Be my loves

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