Thursday 7 October 2010

Movies for Halloween

The Good Witch with Catherine Bell (Jag, Army Wives). I saw this movie last year on the Hallmark Channel during their countdown to Halloween Spectacular.   It's a "fluffy" movie in that she never actually says she is a witch but she does make some magical things take place when she moves to town.    Her little romance with the local police chief  and how she affects the lives of the children just amazing. I love it.  Her store Bell, Book and Candle (how witchy is that)

The follow up movie The Good Witch's Garden was definitely an homage to hedge or garden witches everywhere. Check it out whenever you have a chance.

There are also some good Romantic movies:

Simple Irresistible  which stars Sarah Michelle Gellar as a chef who's restaurant is failing slowly, she accidentally meets and creates the perfect recipe for the man she is crushing on.  She finds her mother's diary who was a kitchen witch, she uses these recipes to create and get her restaurant finally in the black.

What would a witchy movie list be without .... Practical Magic

I'm thinking I may not even have to do a review for this one??? Have fun checking it out (again and again)

And one of my favorite movies (its got French, chocolate, sexy Johnny Depp & magic) yes my loves its

This story has magic in it from the very beginning to the very end, the magic of belief, love and following the mighty North Wind.  This is told from the perspective of the little girl while also seeing everyone's life in the small French town where they fear anything different but wish deeply for change.

So check out these Witchy Romantic Movies whenever you can this Samhain

Blessed Be my loves

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