Monday 25 October 2010

It's Like Disney for....

or Witches!!!

Where else would I be discussing other than Witch City of the World?? Salem Massachusetts. 
The city of 1692 Fame. Now this city is a haven for Wiccans, Witches and many Pagans alike.  The city changed its nickname to Witch City and has on thier official logos, city stamp and police cars the logo of the witch,
Every October there is a big festival which hosts the most amazing rituals and parites for little witches and big witches alike. Street fairs, concerts, public rituals and re-enactment of the Witch Trials are just a few of the many things going on the amazing city. 

Salem City Center

The first time I ever went to Salem was on a school trip through my catholic college (yes I said Catholic).  I have gone back several times since and the Magic of Salem has never dimmed for me. there are always more new and fun things to do and see. As a history lover this is a city to see. 

From the Witch Museum, to the harbor where you can be transported back trhough time on one of the many boats. I can just imagine myself back there (Oh wait nope wouldn't want to go there slaverly is just not my thing).  You can get a taste of what it was like to live in Salem and the Witch Village in Essex just a few minutes outside of Salem, here people  are dressed in period pieces and "live" in the village. 
The first thing I went to see when we got to the Salem green was the huge statue sitting in the center of the town, of Roger Conant, founder of Salem. Right behind him is the Salem Witch Museum.
Next I head over to the Burial Point, where most of the women killed during the trials are buried.  
Here several stones have been set to commemorate the men and women who suffered during the Salem Trials.


This is all that's left of the original courthouse, this beam:sits in the museuem over the door as you go down into the prison cells. Be careful not all the exhibits are wax!!
Downstairs in the "prison"s different scenes from the trials are re-created by the wax figures. Each showing a different scenario including the one instance of crushing, that occurred.
DocImage4 DocImage6

Here are the other pictures from the wax museum:  Here the trial is starting, 
.Being sent to the jail:

Tituba and the girls:

Here are the other pictures of the end of the display:

There are many more pictures from my trip and I will share those another time this week
Laters my loves

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