Friday 8 October 2010

Garden Spells

Oh My Goddess, can I explain how much I love this book. I read it in one day!!! (Yeah I guess I can!!!! )
As you know dear readers I participated in the Practical Magic Blog Party and LOVED IT!!! IT was just too amazing. Anyhoo, on the Blog’s main page Justina was explaining how when she thought of doing this party the book Garden Spells kept coming up.  Well I decided I wanted to check this book out (mind you she never even gave a review, just mentioned it) and I went right to the library and requested it. Picked it up a few days later and BAM read it in one shot.

After reading this book I want to go out and start my own magical garden with a crazy apple tree.
( I know its not really an apple tree but this is the Harry Potter Tree)
(I just planted a apple tree too How funny is that??) much like the roses in the novel of Practical Magic, which drew people from all over the town this tree drew everyone to it and boy did it come with its own rules. The tree kinda reminded me of the tree in Harry Potter where it has its own distinct personality.   This story grabs from the very I mean the very first page, scratch that the very first sentence. I love it.
The sisters harken (yes I still use that word) back to Practical magic and really makes you think how the story seen by the many different people each has its own perspective.
I'm looking into edible flowers now because of this and I'm going to share those with you. I want to you to go out and read it Immediately

Bright Blessings everyone Hope you enjoy it.


  1. I loved the book and read it a few months ago. I was reading your last book post and was wondering if you have ever read the book, "Like Water, for Chocolate" or seen the movie? I think you'd really enjoy it. I hope you take pictures of your apple tree :)

  2. @Wendy i started to read like water for chocolate and got distracted but i will be going back to it soon thanks so much BB


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