Tuesday 26 October 2010

Sometimes I just know....

I dream, sometimes scary nonsensical dreams, but dreams non the less. Sometimes I dream a song, and wake up and turn on the tv and there it is, being played. As a teen I used to wake with a word playing like a refrain in my head, and the word would pop up all the time that day, either it's definition could be applied to a situation or sometimes to the whole day, then of course would be when someone would use it in a sentence to me. Freaky!!

This is all to explain some of my ideas that I get, I will dream a situation and wake up with the words a character said stuck in my head, I will get ideas and thoughts and forget to act on them and then see someone else make a video or blog about it!! (even freakier) sometimes I know exactly what friends are going to say or know who is calling even before the phone rings (useful for those calls you can say you never got LOL).

Many times I have woken up with a poem, a scene from a book or something in my head and I would write it down. Sometimes nature inspires the "knowing". This is a poem I wrote in April of 2006 after I walked in the woods:

                      I am the daughter of the Morrigan ©

I will go above, beyond, and thru all 
obstacles because
I am the daughter of the Morrigan
I am unstoppable, unmovable, undeniable
       I am the daughter of the Morrigan
I an beautiful, & terrible
I come in many guises
I am an unchallenged child
I am a lover of all things
I am Mother to all
I am beloved among many
I am her Priestess
I am tried and true method
I am wisdom unbound
I am ALL this & more
I am wise I am Kind
You see
       I am the daughter of the Morrigan

After I wrote this poem out, that's when I knew who my Patron Goddess was, funny thing is when I went walking in those woods, this wasn't the question whose answer I sought.  But this answer made all the other questions, pale in comparison, and I knew so much because of this one answer.  This is what I meant when I said She sought me, this poem refused to be dulled by time, as I wondered thru the woods, but instead grew stronger as I headed home, and all the words flowed no hesitation, no loss of what was there, it all translated, and I thank Her everyday for it.

Why not share how the season inspires you? Do you have any poems inspired by your Patron Goddess or God?

Brightest blessings

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  1. What a wonderful gift. Your poems are beautiful as well!

  2. I too have dreams that plunge me into another world, sometimes chaotic, sometimes premonition dreams and other times a clear call from the Goddess to wake up! What a great hymn to the Morrigan. I could just feel the power overflowing reading it!

  3. @Wendy Thank you when i went to write it down for this post i knew i was doing the right thing ( i was scared to share something so spiritual personal) i could feel a certain energy as i typed it as if I needed to share, so share I did.

    @Faerie Sage, Thank you so much for your kind words I was worried that many wouldn't like it, as is always the case when you share such a huge part of yourself. Thanks very much!!


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