Thursday 7 October 2010

There is Nothing that can...

make or ruin a mood or party faster than music. If your trying to have fun and a slow jam comes on people clear the dance floor faster than rats on a ship.
 I don't know about ya'll but any excuse to bump music all season long  is a valid excuse for me, so I went looking through my collection to create my list of Samhain Season Songs (Yule shouldn't be the only time we play music for the month ). So here are some good jams to have around your special circle event for this Samhain.
If you have some you would love to hear or see added to the list for next year, add it in a comment and I will add it.
I'll link to those on youtube, some can be used in circle or before, or after when everyone is walking around.

  1. Michael Jackson "thriller"
  2. Nightmare before Christmas " This is Halloween"
  3. Loreena McKennit " All Souls Night"
  4. Sting "a Soul Cake"
  5. Lisa Thiel "Samhain Song"
  6. Kristen Lawrence " Souling Song"  ( its a Samhain version of Sting's Soul Cakes song.)
  7. Kristen Lawrence "A broom with a view"    (her cd is Halloween Music ( love it)
  8. SJ Tucker "Witches Rune"
  9. Robert Gass “Ancient Mother” (the whole cd but I love ): 
  • May the Circle be open
  •  Ancient Mother
  • The Circle is Cast (very gospel feel)
  1. “The Monster Mash” ( especially for the kiddies)
  2. Shawna Carol      " blessed be" ( I also play this at Yule)
  3. Reclaiming Friends    " We all come from the Goddess/Hoof and Horn"
  4. Cece Winans "Purified"
  5. Cece Winans "Grace"
  6. Cece Winans " Pray"
  7. Lisa Thiel      " Sacred Ancestor's Chant"   this is great to summon the dead to the circle.
  8. Lisa Thiel “ I am the Goddess”
  9. "mother of darkness"       this is a great chant to focus the group mentality
  10. Cece Winans "Colorful World"
  11. "The Goddess and the Weaver"    this is an awesome song!!!
  12. Moonstruck " Witch of the Wildwood"-   particularly her Samhain Chant
  13. Celia Cruz "Yemaya" I can't help but dance when this plays on the player
  14. Reclaiming & Friends " The Kore Chant"
  15.  Circle of Women ( a great elemental chant)  Earth My body
I also every once in a while will play the whole Practical magic soundtrack, as well as the soundtrack from the Craft,. There are many more, but I think these are good for now!!
Let me know what you think of my list and definitely add some songs in the comment section that you think i should have.

Blessing Witches!!!

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