Sunday 17 October 2010

Witch Crafts 2,

Creating your own divination or tools can be great especially now when the veil between the worlds is so thin. Now is a great time to make tools especially tools for divination.  One of the first tools I made was a blackened mirror. but i didn't quite know how it was supposed to be made, so when I made it instead of painting the back of the mirror with the paint I painted the front of the mirror; suffice to say it didn't work (Really didn't work) Not Only didn't it not 
I never really used it, i made it because it was listed as a tool in the witchy books i read, now I know better, and wish to really use one, and the best tools are the ones you make yourself.

So now its time for me to remake this valuable tool.  I was at the local craft store and I purchased the following:
a star mirror $ 3.59
black (non glossy) paint 1.99
I already own my brushes
I already own the wooden mount $2.59 and wood glue (or something super-strong)
( I am going to use the extra space to place runes, sigils or protection symbols around it)

When I am working on any project I like to play some music and light my working candle and get focused on the project.  this helps to raise positive energy for the project.

1) make sure to slightly roughen the area the glass will sit on (use a fine grain sandpaper to help with this
2)Now for the mirror, quickly wash and clean the mirror, if you want to you can also use Samhain blessed water to paint a protective glyph (of your choice) on the back of the mirror (allow to dry completely (about 1 or 2 mins)
3) With a sponge brush gently smooth the black paint across the back of the mirror, allow each coat to dry before applying another.
Tip: as I smooth each new layer I imagine seeing all the visions I will have how clearly they will be reflected in the glass
4)Once each layer has dried and it has the layers you wish it to have, I like to add a sigil on the back of the .glass as a protective charm, one of which can be a rune, your own glyph from the Theban Script, whichever you like.
Tip: Rune Eoth elk can be used as this is the Rune for defense, protection from enemies, or evil, assistance or strength.
5) use a small amount of strong glue or wood glue on each point of the star as well as on the center of the star, center it on the roughen spot and allow to dry (usually takes 10-15mins)
6) You can slowly burn or use a marker to place some runes or symbols of divination or a symbol of your Goddess or Gods around the wooden plague.

Black Pouch to hold them, I simply made the black pouch from the pattern on Witch Crafts 1,
2) I then turned it inside out and sewed a piece of black fabric inside it, you can glue black felt inside if it helps just make sure to leave room for the fabric to bend and shift, so leave extra fabric instead of cutting to exact measures.  

Once completed simply dedicate the Divination tool on Samhain to your Goddess or God and bless its, you can even use the full moon energies from Oct 22nd as a way to charge it with energy.

Project 2: Working Candle

Working candle, now I use my working candle to aide in changing gears from mundane to magical, without the necessary casting of a circle.  I use this candle whenever I need to shift gears.   Wether it's from school work to "magical readings" which i use as a time to enhance my knowledge of the craft or when I am sitting down to create a magical post, this candle is versatile and unique.

Each Samhain I dedicate as many of my tools to the Craft as possible and charge them on the altar so that they have the energy of the Gods throughout the year.

For a Working candle i simply reuse the candle wax from the last years previous candle.
this project is simple cheap and well worth it.  I purchase a thick taper candle to match the height of the previous years candle.
In a small glass jar I melt the wax from last years candle, then in a candle mold, i place the new white taper (or whatever color your working candle is)
I center it and then pour in the melted wax, allowing it flow around the new taper but not over the wick.
Allow to dry for two to three days, then slide out of the mold and allow to dry even more.  When it is done, place on altar and dedicate. 
And now you can simply light the candle and be surrounded by a circle without having to cast one!!!!

Hope you enjoy my projects
Blessed Be


  1. I love the working candle idea!! Now I just have to find a candle mold.

  2. @ Aine, You can use a small milk carton box if you have one, or any small plastic jug as long as you spray the inside with pam, the candle should slide out real smooth. Best of luck!!!


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