Wednesday 13 October 2010

Wednesday Weigh In

Hey Readers,

It's that time again, since I was off my game last week, I had no physical workouts cause I didn't get off the couch or bed for more than I absolutely needed.  So it was no surprise to me when i stepped on the scale that I hadn't lost weight but gained some instead.
Past weight: 238
New weight 245

Very discouraging to see this number on the scale, so I am actually going to be ramping up the physical stuff this week.  I have two hikes planned for the next two days, today i will be using the treadmill and some weights.

And then i saw this article. on Shine about working out and the common excuses.  I thought it was funny because I know I sometimes use some of these.

To make matters even harder I will now have to avoid food from the nightshade family, which unfortunetly include almost all the veggies and spices I love to eat:
1) tomato
2) white potato & some sweet potatoes
3) eggplant
4( Cayenne pepper
5) pimento which is big in the caribbean home we use it just about everything
6)sweet pepper (capsicum)
7) and some chili peppers

Did i mention when I make my eggs everything but the eggplant goes into them? No tomatoes? or tomato derivatives? I think i should just give up the ghost right now.  No more chicken marsala, no more lasagna? What the hell am I going to eat? 
The reason? Some Lupus patients exhibit a sensitivity to the nightshade family, I have been having some issues with my bowels. I can hear and so can the whole room, peristalsis (which isn't supposed to happen every time you eat), so we are eliminating the foods to see if perhaps they are some of the culprits. Then one by one adding them back in one at a time, and noting by reactions, which ever ones illicit a response are gone from my diet.
I can tell you right now: tomatoes are gone because I had two days no tomatoes or tomate products them my mom made dinner and had tomato paste in her gravy (which you can't tell at all because it isn't noticeable) and I became best friends with the toilet bowl. Now before you say its mind over matter, it was a new recipe she tried and I didn't tell her yet about the foods I have to let go of.

Well thats my sorry tale for the day
Blessed Be


  1. Well I know how you feel, I am considered obese, and I also have a number of foods that I just cannot eat. I cant eat wheat products, tomato or lettus, this makes eating out VERY hard. I just wanted to let you know that posts like this really help me. It is so good to know that others are going through similar challenges. If you ever want tomato free recipes, to talk to vent or just to know that there is someone else outthere like you just drop me a line, anytime.

  2. Thanks so much, i think i will have to take you up on the no tomato recipes
    Brightest Blessings

  3. I've also had to relent some of my favorite foods or I'll get sick and gain weight. Wheat being one of them which kills me because I love pasta and bread. However, I allow a very small portion to myself a little a day or I'll very deprived and be a really nasty person to be around. I haven't become side or gained weight. I also make a spirit offering plate to the goddess, which I don't eat and I definitely feel the blessings from that. Love yourself no matter how much you weigh, sister...

  4. @ Wendy thanks so much for the encouraging words, I do enjoy my curves and only sometimes worry how others view me, I do know however that for me to really manage my disease i have to stop pretending it doesn't exist and stop using it as an excuse not workout its actually a reason i should workout,even if i never make it to size 10 if i can at least run without feeling like im going to suffer a stroke i will be happy (hey we all gotta be ready for the zombies, the slow ones get eaten first LOL)


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