Monday 4 October 2010

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I like many others were probably horrified and pissed off to hear the news about the young man who choose to kill himself because his privacy was invaded.  The two students involved were arrested on privacy invasion charges and will be facing up to five years each.  I for one am both pissed and not surprised, in a country where women become famous for their bedroom antics ( Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, the list goes on & on) its no surprise that these students thought that this was ok. Whenever some "celebrity" gets their sex tapes "stolen" they just "act" shamefaced and move on the opportunity the video presented, and the people involved generally don't get into ANY trouble.   We live in a world where "reporters" ( and Im using that term extremely loosely) have the right to climb up your trees and take pictures of you in the bathroom & you have no recourse but to suck it up, why are surprised that our children have taken this to mean they can do whatever they want??

Now this family is planning their child's funeral instead of his future graduation party. This is ridiculous that in this day and age we are still gay-bashing. Why is this ok? Why is alright for children to act out like this? I'm sure this isn't the first time they have done this which probably means there have been many other victims, and probably several administrators who ignored or weren't able to do something because of the parents stepping in and preventing it.

I didn't really want to say this but I hope they really go to jail and roast!!!! oh wait maybe that's hell. Either way they should pay for helping to end this young man's life.

And even though it might sound trite suicide is truly a permanent solution to a temporary problem, if you or someone you know is thinking of suicide call the hotline at 1-800-273-8255 (this is for the US).
There is also To Write Love on Her Arms which helps those who are cutters as well as those needing a listening person on the other end.

Dan Savage has started a group called It Gets Better in an attempt to reach at risk LGBT youth. there are also the messages from celebrities like Anna Paquin who came out as bisexual recently, on the We Give a Damn which was started by Cyndi Lauper, to confront the suicide of LGBT youth.  If you know someone who needs help the best thing you can do for them is to listen, and if you feel overwhelmed let someone who has experience deal with them.

Let's stop the bashing, it may not be your lifestyle, we should learn tolerance for all.
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  1. I was so sad to hear of all the suicides this past week. It breaks my heart. I do hope those two boys get the max sentence and maybe even more. You are right though, our culture is breeding this type of behavior and then you have the hatemongers, specific religions and people who are very anti gay. It is so tragic. Tolerance at the very least is what I hope for. Isn't saving a life more important than bullying someone into a corner where they feel that they have no other recourse?

  2. it just seems like the news gets worse and worse each day. I agree, I thought life was more important, but it seems for some beign right is better than being a decent human being

  3. Really well-written post. There is still so much fear driven hate going on that is no different from everyone was so frightened because their neighbor might slander them and call them a witch. Karma, karma, and karma! I applaud Anna Paquin one of my fave. actress' for being open about her sexual preferences and she's a great example of what it takes to be a true heroine.

  4. @Wendy I just think it's so awesome that she held it in for so long and no one there knew she was going to say that and you could see how nervous she was as she said it. It's great that she came out and gave others the courage to do so too. I just wish it wasn't necessary you know? like people just accepted each other for who they are but that's a pipe dream at the moment


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