Monday 4 October 2010

Follow that broom....

Welcome to Broom Flight 13, I'm your host Aisha...

Today is my first blog hop and follow, if you have ever followed Mrs.B's Horde then you know what this is about. If you haven't well then it's simply a chance to highlight blogs or other resources that I love that you may not know about. These are just some of the things i like to check out:

This being October, almost all of these blogs we are going to be visiting are going to be Pagan themed blogs.

The first blog of course is Mrs. B's Confession otherwise known as Confession of a Pagan Soccer Mom. She is hosting an amazing 31 days of Halloween event with plenty of prizes and guest bloggers. So lets swing by and check-out the amazing articles she has posted.

Our second stop is going to be at the website, Patti's Blog is an amazing resource for those that are new as well as those who have been in the Craft for years. She has fresh new ideas each week and great links to other articles that pertain to some good information for pagans,

Our next stop is going to be Youtube channel of Flora ( Charming Pixie Flora). she is an amazing Vlogger, and shares her path with us as often as possible. She's an amazing teacher and although she doesn't know it an amazing mentor, as she has aided in my falling back in love with the Craft after all these years.  Her channel has so many good ideas and recipes that she shares, its just amazing to see how another Pagan celebrates the holidays.  make sure to check out her amazing videos for Samhain!! and her harvest witch's brew video is amazing.

Our next stop is to an amazing and hilarious comic strip which has been made into some books. i love this comic strip. Its been moved from its original website to this new one and there are literally hours of humor on here so Enjoy!! Oh My Gods!!

And we are now touching down at our final destination, I hope your flight was enjoyable.

Check back for more fun 31 days of Samhain

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