Monday 20 September 2010

Book Review: In deep Voodoo

Today's Book is : Stephanie Bond's In Deep Voodoo
Deke's ex, health-food store owner Penny Francisco, is the primary suspect. Not only was she found at the scene of the crime holding the murder weapon but, at her divorce celebration, she stabbed a voodoo doll bearing Deke's likeness. The police are keen to pin the crime on Penny, and only sexy, junk-food-loving PI B.J. Beaumont may be able to keep her out of jail. It's hard to sympathize with Penny, whose troubles often stem from her own stupidity, and harder still to believe that she could fall in love with B.J. while suspecting him of murder. Despite these flaws, Mojo and its zany, likable inhabitants—from a slutty, lawsuit-happy tanning-salon owner to a randy, 109-year-old woman into voodoo magic—

"Start with Bad mojo, add a pinprick of revenge....and watch things boil over..." this is quirky murder mystery and no real magic involved, not by the main characters anyway.They do however live in a town named Mojo and maintain a voodoo festival each year.

I loved this story because you never knew how it was going to end. The two main characters were too funny by half as they fumbled their way to romance and love (and fought showing it almost all the way); the one real quirk that i really loved? she kept you guessing right up until the last few pages, and even then it wasn't a "perfect" ending, which makes me love this book even more!!!

There is a second book which i do have but haven't had the chance to check out yet called:
Finding your mojo ( another one to the really long list)

have fun reading 
love & light always

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