Saturday 25 September 2010

Practical Magic Blog Party Part 2

                                         Welcome To Part Two: of the Practical Magic Party

Hello my loves
There is a scene in the movie when Sally’s family is about to sit down to breakfast, as a precusor to the scene we see the children and Gilly creating a concoction, one in which she wanted to get rid of Gary.

This was magical syrup, since the intent of most magic is not to bring Harm, I will be remaking this recipe to instead bring sweet words to your family’s lips so you can communicate better, or even enhance your own communication skills.  We don’t wish to bind anyone to us against their will so we will clearly state that first
With Harm To None
Do What Ye Will   

How to Make Magical Honey
Lavender – best used to heal love problems (arguments)
as it has a calming effect.
Rosebuds- (or rose petals) great to draw love and enhance love communication.
Wide mouth jar
1 cup honey
enough of either rose or lavender to fill 1/4 of the jar
(fresh is best)

Directions: (Mundane):

  • Fill the jar with lavender/ Rose flowers (petals) then place 1 cup honey.
  • Stir Well
  • Fill up with more honey
  • Cover and store, label well
  • stir each day for a week; leave for two weeks
  • You can then strain it if you wish
  • Store well and it can last for up to three years
Directions: (Magical)::

  • Wash bless and cleanse the jar you will be storing your honey in.
  • Set-up a kitchen altar, with some Water (wine, or beer) for the Goddess.
  • Invoke your circle or Summon the Goddess to witness the right
  • Cleary state what you wish this to help in: “I wish to enhance communication with my lover (partner) and wish for my words to taste as sweet as this honey”
  • Imagine as you add the honey to the petals or the lavender to what you are imbuing it with the intent, Re-enact in your mind how this enhances your communication, how the words are received and how your partner reacts
  • Make offering, close circle as always.
  • Each time you stir add more energy to the honey
  • Serve with Love!!
How to Make Charmed Syrup

Mundane Directions:
  • 12 cups fruit (black, blue, rasp or strawberries)
  • 2 cups Water
  • 3 cups sugar (can use substitute like Agave or even brown sugar just use 1 1/2 cups )\
  • Wash and clean berries (removing any greens from them)
  • Place in a large enough pot and crush 1/2 at a time
  • Add water and bring to a boil, reduce heat,
  • Cook uncovered over low heat for 5 mins stirring occasionally
  • Line a strainer or coriander with 100% cotton cheesecloth (double layered)
  • Set over a bowl, strain mixture into bowl Press to get as much juice out as possible
Measure: 6 cups juice
  • In a large pan heat the juice to a rolling boil, stir in sugar. Continue boiling until mixture is slightly thickened, about 30 mins
  • Pour into sterilized jar leaving 1/4 in headspace
  • Allow to cool and store, Label well
Equals 56 one tablespoon servings; 56 calories, 1mg of sodium; 13g of Carbs; 1g Fiber; 30% of daily value of Vitamin C

Magical Directions:

  • Bless and Thank the gods for the fruit.  Request that the Goddess lend her blessings upon the right
  • Infuse the mixture with your energy & intent as you stir.\
  • Always stir clockwise
  • You can also add different falvors to the mix, add in vanilla (real not synthetic) just a few drops
Used to inspire lust, use with caution

Hope you have as much fun making these as I did.
Blessed Be dear readers


  1. How beautiful! I may be putting some of these in my BOS. :)

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  3. Loved your magickal recipes! They sound wonderful...I'm looking forward to trying them! Blessed be! )O(

  4. what amazing spells! thank you for sharing!

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  8. Such a beautiful two part posting.

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  12. Aisha,
    Thank you for the magickal recipes :-) I always wondered what that special syrup concoction they whipped up for Mr. Hallet would taste like, however I'm sure the side effects would not have been too much fun!
    Would love to try your syrup with some homemade stacks of flapjacks !!
    Thank you for joining our party :-)


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