Wednesday 22 September 2010

Books they are

like crack for nerds

for years i would spend a good deal of my paycheck on books, (didn't help that i worked in the bookstore) and got an amazing discount. But when I began to run out of room, i found the most amazing thing. sell my stuff!!!

I sold tons of books, books i got when i was in the Harlequin books club and never read; books i like but didn't love, some books i loved but knew i would never read again, books i have no idea how the heck they became part of my collection, and books that i loved but needed room for ones i loved even more

I had (have) an extensive library of books that I re-read regularly, books I have as reference, ones I only pull out for certain holidays, and books I'm still wondering how they became a part of my collection.  I looked around my home the other day and realized apart from the bathrooms, every other room in the house had a bookshelf groaning beneath its weight.  I use to joke that books replaced the walls in my home and actually held up the roof.

When too many book became a nuisance, I would sell them on amazon and make money to purchase books I really wanted to become a part of my collection.

With the decision to live simple floating around, I have made the decision to go through all my books, anything that i haven't read, didn't love, didn't finish by now or books I really didn't like I am getting rid of.  For the ones I know I won't get anything for on amazon. since they are literally too old (as in published not in looks) I am giving away, either to the salvation army or to local libraries.  This has aided in freeing up the feel of the house and alleviated some guilt I have associated with books I always promised to read and never got back to.

So do something for yourself and for others my loves, get rid of books, clothes and other items that you haven't read, worn or didn't remember you had. This is both a tax break and a mental break also. And will earn you some quick money

You can even host a swap meet as several friends and I will be doing this weekend, its great if you have kid stuff and want to get rid of them, but need other things.  With so many people selling stuff no a days, its hard to hold a good sale that will net you much unless your getting rid of some serious big ticket items (TV, furniture, lawn mowers).
Its a chance to simplify, reduce, reuse and recycle all in one shot.

That's my Green tip of the week  (hahaha get it, green as in money, green as in saving the earth, ok yeah I'm going to stop now)

Love you guys

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