Wednesday 1 September 2010

New Series Launch

one foggy morning 2010

Aww my lovies thanks so much for sticking around and reading my blog for so long. Today we formalize the days just a bit and say that Wednesdays once a month with be Weather Maven Day. And what pray tell is a Weather maven, well lovies read on and i will explain.

Many Pagans, witchs and whatever else you may call yourselves find that they have a affinity for certain elements, Some swim like fish (water), hot tempered and curiously seem to burn things down without stricking a match (extreme Pyro) some can't wait to get up in the sky even for a few brief minutes as they plummet to the earth (air)there are green thumbs and then there are these people that could make a rose bloom in winter(earth my mother, And yes I do know there are certain roses that do bloom in snow.)
Some can learn all four; & some are more attached to one, well on these days i will share how each element affects the weather and what can you do to aide and abet certain weather patterns. (No new girl you can't make it snow on the day you have a Major exam Learn to study)

I myself have found both earth and water have been my things lately (even though i was born a water/fire sign), I wanted to learn more about water element (its summer I know its the element of Fire) but water called me and I answered.
What do i mean water called me? It seemed every where i turned water symbols were popping up, crochet patterns for shells, dolphins, & others showed up; and i ran (literally) into a water God. When i made it know i wished to learn more about water, it poured for three days straight (now I know I physically didn't make it rain, but putting the thought out there can help i.e.Native Rain Dancers).
I noticed that instead of being depressed because it was so dark out I felt many different things each day & these are the things I wish to explore

I was thinking this would be a good series to launch, by watching the weather, tuning ourselves more closely to the elements we can learn something about the weather and how we respond to it.

The following books will help in understanding in how to tune closely to the elements

Earth Path by Starhawk
Earth Magic by Starhawk

We will explore how to figure out which element you are drawn to, how to use it for protection, to strenghten you and to learn more about yourself.

If you know a book or an author that would aide in this of course please let me know.

& as always, fly safe, my loves

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