Wednesday 29 September 2010

Paranormal telly: Wonderfalls

ahhh Niagara the beautiful falls that start on one side of one country and end on another.

This is the background for an amazing series called Wonder Falls.

It unfortunately didn't last long on tv but the series is funny and amazing. It stars a young woman who the power to talk to inanimate objects and they warn her about things happening or about to in her town. The way she gets her powers will crack you up!! Definitely will look side-eye O_o at that food from now one. Ahh man I love Jay, I wish they had kept the series going because she was pretty good, she's a college grad who works a minimum wage job and is in a family of overachievers she's the black sheep ( boy do I know what she is going through). He love interest is too cute and her friends and family too quirky not to love.

When you get a chance check it out, it will make you look at the bronze statue in your home very differently. Lol

Have fun watching my loves
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