Thursday 30 September 2010

Happy New Month

Hey guys its October!!!!! YAYAY!! Excited much, Goddess yes!!!

 I love love love this month, the build up to the New Year is always fun!!

Did I say New Year, why yes I did I count the New Year like the Druids did (do), which is October 31st.  This year is going to be amazing. Every Samhain has been amazing for me but last Samhain sparked my Youtube juices and in January of 2010 i started blogging.  So this Samhain is an anniversary of sorts for me. Yay a Year of vlogging.  My fall adventures are going to be Legen......wait for it wait for..and i hope your not lacotose intolerant cause the rest is Dairy. (yes its How i met your mother joke)

What are you doing for this month? Im sharing so much with you including my altar setup from last year!!!

I have the honor of participating in Mrs B's 31 Days of Halloween event and I can't wait!!! It's going to be awesome!!

I am also participating in another blog Party for the Domestic Witch, called what else my loves, but Halloween Blog Party.  Just click on the button on the sidebar and it will take you to the homepage of the party so you can see all the participants.!!
We are going to Blog, Hop and Follow; Im going to share all my links and some of my recipes (i have to keep some secrets there is always next year)  I'll share some of the books I read for Samhain & my ceremony. And my travels and the best travel spots for Wiccans, Pagans and anyone who really loves awesome stuff.  There will be recipes, plus incense oils and brew stuff even a great pagan celebration book, I'll also share about the local happenings here in CT, NY and MA, yes I try to get around a lot this month.

Please share, show and comment please.  Make sure you participate in 31 days of Halloween on Mrs. B's page.  Confessions of Pagan Soccer Mom.

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