Wednesday 1 September 2010

Fitness Challenge Weigh-In

Its that time my loves:

So today is the first weigh-in of the Fitness Challenge on The Single Mommy Blog. Fortuneately for me yesterday was one of my check-ups so I have most of my info.

Current weight: 240.2lbs
Height: 5ft 4in
BP: 120/80 (Perfect)

Thighs: 26 in
arms: 15in
waist: 48in
hips: 47in
bust:49 ( i wear 48 DD)
Size 16/18 pants

Reading these numbers is both horrifying and inspirational because there is no way in hell Im staying this size.

How can I expect clients & patients to take me seriously when I can't even seem to take care of myself?
This is serious crap and now its time to get down to business.
Have you done your numbers?

Happy September my loves
Fly safe

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