Thursday 9 September 2010

Paranormal Telly: Hex

Now its true that this show is no longer on the air, but BBC has done an amazing job with this series. Hex tells a very original tale about a young woman named Cassie.

Cassie is a shy college girl who wants to be accepted by others, but is only truly loved by her best friend Thelma. Cassie later discovers that she possesses dangerous powers, and is being drawn into a world thats far beyond her control. And the man that she should fear the most manages to find a way into her heart.(taken from

This show is so addictive.  It's jaw dropping good.  The characters are well written and man oh man I would definitely sin with Azazel.
The premise of this story follows Cassie who is the fated woman of a long line of witches who will bring about the opening, a letting go of the Fallen angels. The man responsible for fathering the child who will release them is Azazel. His job is to get Cassie to fall and therefore carry the child. 

 If your familiar with story of the Fallen Angels or the Watchers as they are sometimes called then your in for a treat. if you know nothing about the Fallen, then here's a great link to learn about them: Azazel

Mr. Smooth aka Azazel
Azazel, How can one describe him?  He is the quintessential bad-ass He is the angel who taught man the art of warfare and how to create weapons. He leads the angels who rebel against god ; now called Nephilim and seek lovers among human women and teach the arts of magic, lust, and all other "sins" to humans.  This is taken from a Christian story from the Bible but this isn't a Christian themed show, just the background story on who the Watchers are.  
Thelma the lesbian ghost
Ella the first and the last!!

 This story has it all, fallen angels, a lesbian ghost, bad-ass supernatural witch & of course a good looking bad guy.  If you have a chance you should definitely check it out. the second and third seasons are even better with the arrival of even better characters and better monsters, and a sexy new lead Malachi.  

A definite must see!! Add this to your collections my loves
and i will see you later
Kick back and enjoy.

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