Thursday 23 September 2010

Book Review

I was a little bored one weekend and went wondering around the bookstore, left near the register was this amazing book.

Tithe by Holly Black
Kaye is a tough, resourceful, street smart sixteen year old. As the daughter of a flighty, small-time rock singer who rarely stays in one place for more than six months at a time Kaye's life has been filled with chaos. When her mother is attacked after a performance she decides to temporarily move them back into her mother's home. As a child, Kaye loved living in her grandmother's old house and believed she had faery friends.
Kaye has always been able to see things other cannot but it's not until she returns to her grandmother's home that she begins to discover exactly how different she is. In the woods Kaye meets an injured young man with pewter hair and pointy ears named Roiben who requests her help, reluctantly promises her payment and then quickly disappears. Though Kaye refuses to be anything like her worthless mother and will never pine away after a man she can't seem to get thoughts of Roiben out of her head.

can I tell you how much I love this book?? This is a fresh take on the Fae and Faerie and boy does she do an amazing job. My favorite scene will always be  when Kaye uses the Fae's real name and commands him to kiss her ass..... learned a little more magic right then, knowing the real name means you can really command someone or something. Had me cracking up when he really kissed her and gave her a warning.

I'm telling you its amazing check it out, I have read that there are others in the series I haven't had the chance to check those out yet but i will.The other two are called: Ironside & Valiant

I really enjoyed it and it was a quick read, it's label YA but its a whole lot darker than young adult books used to be.Think like Merry Gentry light, good stuff with less sex.

Either way enjoy the book

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