Friday 17 September 2010

Book Review

Every few months this author puts out heart stopping action, which features a strong female character who is capable, smart, sexy and gorgrous.  Her only issue?? She's Joan of Arc reincarnated.

The first book:

Destiny tells the tale of how our heroine Annja Creed becomes the keeper of Joan's sword. She's an archaelogist whose love of history has brought her to France where while working for a tv show called "Monster's Quest" where she disproves the existence or "proves" it. There is finds a shard and in a meeting with a mystery man reconnects the broken sword. With this she not only gains the sword, she gain an enemy and a mentor.

Each subsequent book builds on her journey with the sword, and what it means for her and her new life as a Guardian. I love this series because its written by a man and it gives a different view of the female character, it lacks the crazy head games mentioned in books written by women when they write male characters.  He writes an amazing female heroine who is strong, confident in herself & her job, even when she has some doubt she never lets it stop her from doing what she has to do. Her writes some kick-ass fight scenes and I have to say Alecx Archer is really great.

His view is fresh and the series is refreshing and brings something new to an almost female dominated world of books.

Check him out, i love the fact that there is never a ridiculously long wait before the next installment comes out & that the books stay true to their premise. Each book introduces Annja to more of the magic hidden in the everyday world and pits her against her mentor and his son, each time, someone else winning, the books never have a blase' or lame ending and keep you thinking even after you have moved on to the next one.
Run don't walk to add these books into your collection.
Books in order are:
Solomon's Jar
The Spider Stone
The Chosen
Forbidden City
The Lost Scrolls
God of Thunder
The Secrets of the Slaves
Warrior Spirit
Serpent's Kiss
The Soul Stealer
Gabriel's Horn

The one's on my list for the next few months:
the Seeker's curse
the Golden Elephant
The Swordman's Legacy
Eternal journey
Polar Quest
Sacred Ground
The Spirit banner

When I read so many books about the same character I like to take a bit of a break then go back to it. Which is why my list for this series is so long. These books are amazing and I can't wait to dive back into Annja's world.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I am.

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