Tuesday 28 September 2010

Romance Book Reviews

In the field of romance a female dominated world its rare to see a male author ( we won't count Fabio O_o). Into this genre, comes an amazingly good author who not only writes well but carries believable stories about love, and inter-racial romance.  I read one of his first books years ago,  The really great author??? JJ Murray.

The author writes amazingly good books with fantastic and very realistic characters. They deal with real-life issues, ranging from dealing with their beliefs about themselves, trust issues, body image issues and cross-cultural dating.  I love the characters he creates, let me explain how romantic this guy is : his first book is based off of his love life with his wife!!!! Ain't it cool!!!

So here are the books to check out from our lovely new author:
The first book I ever read from him made me fall in love and follow him (ok kinda stalk him)

Something Real was the very first book I read from JJ and lent to a friend (never saw the book or the friend again Damn it); this book goes at the throat of what it is to date cross-culturally (or as people like to say inter-racially,m but since we are really all one race, the human race, with many cultures, I prefer this name).  Murray really points out how culturally we are under pressure to conform and follow along with the "norm" even though the "norm" may not be what is good and right for our true happiness and for our souls.  Murray also calls on the concept of God/Goddess stepping in to create the life your really supposed to lead, destroying what you had to help your really get where your supposed to go.

The next one of the list is:

I'm your girl  This story is both sad, and amazing. You never know how one simple action can change a person's life. Murray also points out how small the world really is, and all we have to do is make a connection with one person to really enhance out lives.  Diane is a character i definitely could get behind (and not just because she loves books), even though she is educated and has many opportunities to have the life she wishes, she hides because of some of her perceived flaws, including the one's her mama keeps giving her (who doesn't have the ever so present mother and the questions?).
Although I sometimes wished she would cuss her mother out, I do understand where she is coming from and why it takes her so long to accept her new found love.  Check it out, its a good read.

Can't get enough of your love Now this is a story. Holy Moly wish I had her kinda dating life. Three men!! Well she finds out that its not easy either, I would have preferred it if she hadn't been lying to the men, but hey not everyone has my ethics or belief in polyamory.  Lana does some deep research into herself when she gets into trouble with the men.  This one isn't a perfect romance, it makes you look deep and she had to do some deep searching. I loved this one because it wasn't easily solved and it wasn't a "perfect" life either.

Renee and jay

Did i mention this is based on his OWN love life?? If I didn't well now I have, OMGosh I love this book also, it took a while to get to this one, because as I have said before when I'm reading an author's writing for a while I need to switch so i can get a fresh view. So when I went back to this i really loved it. It is a pretty awesome story, check it out!!  The characters have to not only beat their own issues with cross cultural dating, they have their families, and their communities issues to deal with also.

Original Love
What would you do with a second chance with a high school sweetheart?  Well Peter and Ebony get that chance, years after they were separated by their families. Peter and Ebony re-unite, Peter has harbored his secret love for Ebony and has made her his muse, as he writes her as his main character in many of his books.  it's a another chance to correct the past mistake and move beyond others expectations. This is another of my LOVE it books, i have re-read this one quite a bit actually because I think this one is a really good story. (I guess we all wish we could have that second chance)

JJ has more books out that I'm getting to, I haven't finished all the books so I can't do all the reviews for them yet, but darn do they look good.

They include:

The Real Thing

Too much of a good thing      

She's the One which comes out in 2011 and seems to only be listed on his webpage so i can't link to Amazon.

So I hope you enjoy these books!!!
Happy Reading my loves
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  1. why are they all black woman, white man? and none the other way around?

  2. @ Susan He based most of the books off of his love life. I have other books that are that Black men and white women. Seeing as though I am a Black woman who comes from mixed "race" family, finally reading books like these make me very happy. It's more relatable for me,helps me know that there are other couples like me or liek my family(I know they are fiction,but you know what I mean)
    Thanks for asking
    Blessed Be


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