Saturday 25 September 2010

True Love “Amas Veritas”

 Oh my loves….Welcome to Practical Magic Blog Party.
As the title says I will be doing the Amas Veritas Spell with a little twist:

During the Victorian Era, flowers took on a special meaning to give a person a flower conveyed so much more than like or dislike, the flowers carried messages.
If you gave a flower in the Left hand you were telling the person “No”  and the Right hand meant “Yes”
In the movie, Sally pulled all the flowers with her right hand when stating what she wished for in her dream man. This reaffirmed what she was saying as she made her requests. 
If one took notice she not only pulled carnations, she also pulled many different colored roses. (being that they lived in a Victorian home) all the flowers have some Victorian meaning.

                    The Meaning:: each color & variety has a different meaning.

Roses – love
Arbutus - thee only do I love
Aster - symbol of love, talisman of love
Chinese Aster- fidelity, I will think only of thee
Balsam -  ardent love
Birds of Paradise – often give from a woman to a man as a symbol of faithfulness
Bittersweet- truth
Lady’s Seal/ Black Bryant – be my support
Broom- humility, neatness
Buttercup – riches,
Cactus – endurance, my heart burns with love
Cattail – peace, prosperity
Cedar- think of me, I live but for thee
Chamomile -  energy in action
Figwort/Celandine – future joy
Chicory – frugality
Chrysanthemum (yellow)- abundant & wealth
(red)- love
(white)- truth

Victorian  Rose Lore:

1 Yellow with 11 Red  roses  inspires deep passionate love
Tea Roses – I’ll remember always Coral roses – inspire desire
Red - I love you, respect and beauty
Pink – perfect happiness, secret love & grace & sweetness.
Thornless roses : love at first sight
Ochun- Yoruba Goddess of Love

To perform your Amas Veritas Spell:

It can be with or without an altar, and the flowers can be both fresh and dried. If setting up an altar, you can use symbols of love from your pantheon or use Universal ones (roses, hearts, things like that): Choose a petal or two from each of the flowers of your choice to add to a cleansed and consecrated bowl.  State clearly what you wish to find in an ideal partner, be Specific the Goddess can't give you what you don't ask for. Infuse your intent in the mix of flowers, and you can do what i did which was to find a spot with free flowing water or a windy hill and allow the flowers to float away.
Remember :  Harm None

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Have Fun & Blessed Be


  1. I love the language of flowers and how beautifully you weaved an "Amas Veritas" with it! May you have blessings of love and happiness surround you :)

  2. I love florigraphy

    Love Leanne

  3. I love energy behind each symbol. Thanks for sharing!
    cheers, dana

  4. I knew some but not many of those plant meanings and energies! wonderful! Magical Post - Thanx for sharing, we loved this! - what fun!

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  5. How fascinating to see all the different meanings. Thankfully my own true love wishes were granted and today is our 11th wedding anniversary (and he doesn't even mind that I'm spending hours this morning visiting all the blogs participating in this wonderful party :P
    I hope your love spell brings magic and light and joy into your life, thanks for sharing your post with all of us party-goers :D

  6. What a lovely presentation.

  7. Oh that was wonderful..thank you for sharing this and your wise words. Blessed be, Sarah

  8. Great party post! :)

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  10. wonderful post thank you for sharing it with me ... good spells Wendy from blissangels

  11. I've always wanted to know more about this very topic! Great post, thanks so much!

  12. I'm sending you a humongous cyber bouquet of freshly thought-formed chamomiles. Enjoy!

  13. Ahhh a love spell, you have to love them! no pun intended :). Cant wait to see part two!
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  14. I enjoyed the flower lore and your version of the Amas Veritas spell. Blessings! )O(

  15. Lovely post, it was fun reading all the meanings of the flowers!

    Have a magical day, Kelly

  16. Great post - thank you for sharing the meaning of the flowers.

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  17. Thanks for sharing all of those, I didn't know most of them, great post.

  18. lots of interesting information about flowers. You did your homework.... Lovely post.

  19. What a wonderful post you've created! Don't you just love those Victorians? I love Floriography too!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Blessed Be,

  20. I have really enjoyed the informative aspect of your posts. And I love rose honey. Looking further down your blog, I see that you also love Ms. Cast's books. I really wish she would pick back up taking her play on the pantheons. I would just love for another in that series to come out. Thank you for the tantalizing recipes.

    Faith, trust, and faerie dust!

  21. Such a great post. Really informative! Blessings from

  22. Interesting stuff on flower lore and so beautfully presented.Loved my visit here.
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