Saturday 18 September 2010

A week of

...drum roll please..... BOOK REVIEWS.

I have been using any excuse to read and re-read so many books, and I of course would love to share my love of all things Paranormal with you, I have so many books that I call favorites and I'm dieing to share. So this whole week Sept 19-25,2010 is going to be two posts per day,

I will be writing about whatever is rambling around in my head(or comes to my attention), or whatever adventures I have cooked up this week and of course Book Reviews. Some posts will contain multiple books, as I wish to get this done fast, I will post book series within one post, books that carry the same theme and in my fave authors & all their books (that I love) in another.

 I'm also going to create my on going reading list, books that aren't highlighted or linked to are books I personally haven't read yet but wish to (i wish I could get paid to read), as since my list mostly full for the rest of the year, these books will be on the 2011 year book list. I'll of course post on those too once I read them

If you see any books you have read, don't hesitate to comment and let me know what you thought of the books, any books you think I should check out write those in the comments too.

Thanks so much readers
Hope you have a wonderful week.

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