Monday 27 September 2010

Health Movies

Hello readers
These are just some good movies which discuss our food supply and how they affect our health.

There are more and more people paying attention to where our food comes from and how it affects our health, Here are some of the movies you can check out to learn how what you put in your mouth affects your life:

"Food Inc" many know of this film because Oprah had it on her show, This shows how corporate farms are taking over the faming industry and what is happening in our food.  This is only film not on at this time, but check your nearest or even your library, or if not purchase it and loan it to friends (just keep track of it)


"The future of food" looks at how our food is being changed.and what is really going on with companies like Dupont and Monsanto “creating” new food so that they can patent it,


The next one is The Corporation and how pervasive advertising companies and their main Corporations have managed to become ingrained into our lives. Ever noticed how effectively your kids can argue for that toy? Well Corporations have found a way to teach them this in that small commercial on tv, a must see movie.

This last one "Supersize Me" we all know because once again this one was also on Oprah, and has caused many companies McDonald's in particular to cut down on the “Super-size” option, This just shows that when people know things we can change it,  It also launched his documentary series "30 days" which is also so amazing to watch and now on Planet Green.

Well good luck defending your health now that you know
The best part about these movies??? You can watch the, on simply click on each film title and it will take you there.!!

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