Wednesday 22 September 2010

Book Review

I did a PC Cast book review, but I wanted to do a review for her Goddess Summoning Series.
Which includes:
Goddess of Rose
Goddess of Light
Goddess of Love
Goddess of the Sea (reviewed here)
Goddess of Spring
This series is really really good. I am pagan and any books which draw from the Hellenic, Celtic, Egyptian pantheon is a series I will gladly read.

My absolute favorite book out of this series which is extremely hard to pick because I love reading these babies over and over agian, is........ Goddess of the Rose.
Mikado Empousai is a unique individual, her blood can actually protect and raise the most beautiful roses in the world. She has only used her unusual powers to grow prize winning roses. The powers are handed down by the women in her familly. She is the last. Now she works at the rose gardens at Woodward Park in Tulsa. Whether by accident or the powers that be, Mikado completes a goddess summoning ritual and frees the imprisioned Guardian at the Park. Ultimately finding out she is a Priestess of The REalm of the Roses. 

A fresh look at the Beauty and Beast tale, this one has Hecate (one of the most amazing and misunderstood Goddesses) and a sexy hot as heck Minotaur.  The story flows so well, learning to accept her circumstances and even thrive allows Mikado (the name of a rose to awesome) to teach the people so much more than they thought they needed to learn, She teaches "beast" Asterius how to accept himself, & even taught the Goddess herself a lesson or two. Her story touches something deep within and makes you love her, the Realm and Hecate; not to mention the smoking hot Asterius.
Oh My Goddess this book is amazing.  This story really is fresh take on the Roman/Hellenic story of Persephone, & Hades.
Carolina Francesca Santoro is a 43-year-old Italian-American woman who lives in Tulsa Oklahoma and owns a bakery called Pani Del Goddess. After Lina realizes that her business is in major debt and she might have to declare bankruptcy, she decides that she needs to expand her menu to make more money for her business. After looking through half a dozen old Italian cookbooks from a used book store, Lina opens a cookbook entitled The Italian Goddess Cookbook and finds a recipe for Italian pizza. The recipe involves chanting to the Goddess of the Harvest, Demeter.

This story is an amazing modern adaptation to the story of Ceres and Proserpine.  In this version Ceres (Demeter) wants her daughter to learn something about responsibility and switches Carolina (lina) with her daughter only catch Lina can't tell.  Cue hot handsome Hades and let the magic fly.
this is different look on the story, and it gives Hades a really "human" face, I love that he has issues that being with Lina helps him with, and Demeter is a powerful woman in this story and I love it. Hades is very different in this story and it makes the story more authentic and easier to see than some other versions out there.

These two are rush to the bookstore (or online whatever works) worthy. I'll review Goddess of Love and Light later,as this post is getting a little long

enjoy the fresh take on the Goddesses

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