Friday 24 September 2010

Happy Fall Equinox

Hello dear readers,

Today is Mabon. In the Celtic Calendar it is Alban Elfed..

I wanted to share my Mabon with you. here is the altar cloth I crocheted and finished yesterday.

Isn’t it gorgeous!! Its a pattern I got from

Here is the set-up of my altar for ritual setup.
The things on my altar: My Goddess Statue which I made in ceramics class.  The wooden plague I wood-burned from a design I got online.  
 The candles I have had for a few years from Christmas-tree store, I also got the little white stars there also, they are supposed to be candles but they actually never came with wicks (O_o I know weird right?) still love them.     
The goblet came from a box set I received as a gift the gold band looks like ivy creeping across the top (Perfect!!!).
The leaf candle holder served as my offering plate.

I placed in there some almonds, walnuts (since nuts are apart of the fall harvest) some corn & cornmeal.

Why not share some of your images my loves?
Thank you so much for stopping by
Blessed Mabon

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