Friday 24 September 2010

Book Review

Hey readers, its another book for the iWitch challenge
These books actually are more about the Gods and Goddesses than about witches, but since they are paranormal i believe they qualify (if not they are still good books to checkout). Both are by Alicia Fields

All's Fair In Love & War " The Goddesses: Athena's Tale""

Ahhh Athena,who doesn't know the tale of the fully grown woman who springs from the head of Zeus fully formed and fully armed? in this tale we meet her at a marriageable age, being pressured by her mother to take on Poseidon as a husband. In this tale Poseidon is no one's goof guy, we learn a different tale of how Medusa came to be and how Poseidon became King of the Ocean.  All of this takes a background tale to Athena and her adventures, it describes how she runs away and learns of the olive trees and then brings her knowledge back home, to the competition that decides her fate.  It's a pretty amazing story, its not simple its not easy, but its good. It embellishes in an amazing way the Greek myth and makes the story so real. I love this tale and Athena's decision only strengthen her as a woman and a Goddess. Definitely check this one out also.

Love Underground "The Goddesses:Persephone's Tale"

This is another spin on the tales of Persephone and her mom Demeter. I happen to love this version. It's a more down to earth version, seen through the eyes of Persephone.  It;s about their lives and how they live in a village and what leads up to her wondering into Hades home.

In this book Hades is also very "human" in that he has issues he works on when he gets with Persephone, it of course sticks close to the Greek myth, with Demeter not growing her plants and abandoning the village to itself and the others bargaining for her return, but it gives a deeper take on the story, not just what the Greek story tells. I know its not based on facts, but it gives the tale more believability and it's taken from the view of the women not as victims but as purveyor of their own destiny and I love Persephone in this book. Just amazing. If you find a copy definitely check it out.

There is a third one which i need to read that one is " Fatal Attraction Aphrodite's tale" I tell ya the list just grows and grows.
I have to say if you like the Greek tales your going to like these adaptations. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

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