Wednesday 8 September 2010

Walks in the park

This labor day weekend I enjoyed roaming around outside following the butterflies, and harvesting from the garden some more things. I also went for a walk in the woods near my home and found some amazing plants, including a ton of White Pine trees (now i don't have to sneak past my neighbors tree with my scissors), I found so many amazing plants, sadly i hadn't brought along my scissors or gloves as this was just supposed to be a walk. But Im going back and Im collecting as much as I can and of course only as much as I need.

Here is a slide show of the amazing plants I have found:

the only one not found on this hike was the mullein I found that at the corporate park where i work and unfortuneatly its only one plant not several and its going dormant.  It seems the only mullein i find in my state happen to be next to the highways, which mean of course I can't pick them, so i think next year Im going to plant my own mullein, I'll be getting the seeds from 

If you recognize any that I haven't labeled please comment below and I will update them. Thanks

Safe adventures everyone

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