Friday 3 September 2010

Forgive Me Readers for....

So i started the blog to talk about my disease, clean eating and my faith...... it seems as Im reading these even though they touch on some of the things i like to think about, I haven't really been sharing ME.

So now its time to share a little.
Im overweight. There I said it. I have been steadily creeping up on the scale and its not looking pretty. I knew i was in trouble when i realized I hadn't really looked in a mirror in over 3 months. Yes ladies and gents beyond the bathroom mirror to brush my teeth, I hadn't stepped infront of a mirror to view my body. Thats when i knew the shyt had hit the fan, I was hiding, I didn't want to see what i have become; being overweight doesn't help when you have autoimmune issues, self esttem issues and depression. Just keep piling on the issues: I have sight issues, which means I can't drive at night, which has negatively impacted the jobs i can take. which has affected my money which affects my sense of accomplishment which affects my self esteem... Do you see where Im going with this?

What does this all have to do with this blog?

Truth----- I have been hiding here too. I haven't really shared what i want to really talk about because I'm a coward & a chicken shyt.

Whatever. Time to confess so herewe go:
I haven't been eating clean almost all summer O_O
i have been snacking and eating late
and when i realized i had to confess this i went and ate something (its 120 in the morning) O_o
 It doesn't help that Im an insomniac & work third shift it makes it harder to stay "healthy" when you have a reversed routine.

Feeling fat, none of my clothes fit, and i was telling ya'll to find something to be happy about. Talk about being a hypocrite. So here's the truth, I do LOVE myself but Im not happy with what i have allowed to happen,
Im worth more than this, I know what it is to be in charge of health decision, i studied it in school its my major!!
SO no more excuses Im sharing my info here my friends, Im going to let you know all the trials and tribulations of doing this (getting "healthy") while being a AD (autoimmune disease) sufferer.

I am recommitting to getting healthy, (especially since) I am signing up for the Tosca Reno Fitness Challenge as well as the Fitness Challenge of another blog i love to read.The Single Mommy Blog

Lets go people, pick one or do both, lets get the weigh-ins started go find a measuring tape and lets know our stats. The challenge isn't to get started its to stick to it!!

Will you stick with it with me? Help me work through all my other issues? (or at least read through the,?) Cause I'm sticking to my decision to work through it all, and come out better than ever on the otherside.

as always fly safe

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