Thursday 23 September 2010

Have you heard

apparently we Americans don’t know out own mind and we need big business and the FDA to make our decisions for us.

In the next few days the FDA (otherwise  known as the Food & Drug Administration) will be making their decision on whether or not to approve Genetically Engineered Salmon into the food market.
Despite the fact that EVERYTIME they ask American would we eat the food if we KNEW it was engineered or cloned & 69 % of  Americans resoundingly saying “NO”, I’m pretty certain some people said “Hell to the Naw”, the FDA didn’t approved the labeling laws ( score 1 for big business)
Now they are considering allowing GM Salmon into the market. Some of you maybe saying why  is this a big deal?
Well let’s think on it:
  • Genetically Engineered food is a new science and the ramifications to humans can’t be completely known.  We do know that many humans have begun to have allergies that have never been seen before and have increased sensitivities to more foods, as well as an increase in drug resistance due to certain drugs and viruses being used to “mark” GM products.
  • Whenever someone is resistant to labeling due to liability it is an indication of known or unknown issues they simply do not which to have responsibility for.
  • these companies KNOW that Americans which to have labels but fight tooth and nail to prevent it because they KNOW we won’t buy it.
  • it only takes 10-15 GM salmon getting into the wild population to reek havoc on the Natural populace.
  • There is now real NEED to GE Salmon. Other than …. well Greed. Salmon is one of the most popular fish to be purchased due to its high Omega 3 content
  • Americans would be the only market since most of the other countries in Europe and the Middle East REQUIRE labeling which clearly states that the food is GE or made from cloned meat.
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As Well as Food links on  this is where I fist learned about what was going into our food

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I wish for you to know all that you can about the food you feed yourself and your family
Don’t despair my loves, as long as we know we can fight.

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