Thursday 13 January 2011

S**T Happens

or at least it should

One of the benefits of doing yoga or any exercise regimen is the regulation of your body. All the systems go into optimal operation. which means that the nerves are all stimulated which then stimulates the organs, increases absorption rate, and the elimination process increase and become more efficient. The slow movement and release that yoga create helps to stimulate muscles, and deep tissue which then stimulate and increase blood flow to  the organs and muscles to grow and stretch.  

The ability to go to the bathroom can be affected by many things, stress can cause constipation, eating too much protein and not enough fiber, can cause constipations, and not having enough fluids can make your stool hard. For some the opposite is also true, being nervous or anxious will make them visit the bathroom more often, it can cause upset stomach and even nausea.

Some people, like one of my close friends have a slow digestion, since she was 7 she has had a steady diet of laxatives, and enemas, every three days in order to eliminate.  She has been to all the doctors, has had all the tests and still no one can explain why her digestion is so slow. She is now heading into her forties and is worried that this will lead to colon cancer. A little more background, she's at the right weight for her height,  she eats right and exercises regularly yet, she has this problem. Since she has been checked over from head to foot by doctors and specialists, which just know that this is how she is, and there's nothing "wrong" with her.

I myself go regularly, like the three meals per day, three times per day. However I knew something was wrong. and this is how we came to the decision to eliminate nightshade foods from my diet, when I noticed several irregularities in what is a normal routine.  One of the things i noticed first was the sounds of my body attempting to digest food would be heard, loudly, after ingestion. After eating certain meals, I would have stomach pains and difficulty using the bathroom.  These are some signs that there is something wrong, yet many people ignore it.

Unlike most, being a chronic disease sufferer and being in the medical field I know issues like these are generally indication of something else. For me I learned that, like people with food allergies who ingest the food, I was doing damage to the tiny hair within the intestine which facilitates absorption of nutrients and water. Once these are damaged there is no coming back, so elimination of the allergen is a must.  I knew I had to do something when on New Years Eve party my body fought back against my eating wings covered in barbecue sauce( which contained tomatoes and red pepper flakes), I spent most of the night with heavy cramping and loud digestive sounds. Very embarrassing and a lesson well learned (for the thousandth time, I guess that was the last time I needed to be in pain over food, because I have avoided the list of things ever since). 

If you are having symptoms which are abnormal for You or abnormal period, please get it checked out. Waiting will only make it harder to 'cure' or even treat. here are the list of symptoms for most common bowel issues on Webmd's Digestion Section.

There are many forms of treatment for those that have bowel issues. Some holistic methods include certain teas, acupuncture, deep tissue massage to aide in relaxing, yoga, reflexology, and food.

There are several positions within yoga which stress the stretching and 'massaging' of the organs including the :

  • frog pose
  • cobra pose
  • bow pose
  • shoulder stand
  • seated forward bend
  • any of the seated twists
You can find more information here.. You can also check out Yogamazing,com, where Chaz has created a routine to aide in digestion. You can also find him on itunes where he has a free podcast. Chaz is one of the most amazing yoga teachers I have had the benefit of learning from and his podcasts are great as they can be used by the beginner as well as the experienced yogi.
In foot reflexology, there are several zones located on the foot, that correspond to the different organs and muscles of the body. This system or health belief comes from both the Chinese and the Egyptians.  if you can't get to a reflexologist, you can always purchase anyone of the little foot rollers and simply sit and run your feet over them, especially your left foot as many of the zones for digestion are there.  Use for ten minutes per day (everyday if you can) and the benefits include:
  • tension release
  • increased energy levels
  • and enhanced sense of well being
After the ten minute massage you have just given yourself, apply a lotion or essential oil(in a base oil of course) gently to the feet. Rosemary essential oil can help in rejuvenation, and lavender will help you to relax (best for just before bed).

Food Aides:
For poor digestion, eating radishes, or juicing them can aide in the break down of fats, and stimulate the digestive tract to increase blood flow, and eventually peristalsis. Radishes contain mustard oil, which create a warming sensation which is what increases the flow of blood to the digestive tract, while stimulating the production of bile. 

Apples: all forms of apples, from  grated apples, to applesauce, & apple juice, and apple cider vinegar.  Apples provide pectin a soluble fiber which aides in binding with toxins and prevent the absorption, while also soothing the intestinal lining. 

Ginger can be taken to stimulate the digestive secretions, and increase blood flow to the intestines, while improving the absorption of nutrients. It is also great for those who have gas or bloating.

Increase water make sure your drinking you 8 glasses per day of fluids, attempt to eliminate sugar drinks, and increase water, and fruit juices.

I will be doing more information about this so keep coming back.
(some information from the complete guide to natural healing cards- ailments and treatments section)
Be Blessed with Healthy Digestive function

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