Wednesday 5 January 2011

KWW: Making Bread

I made two attempts at making bread today, my first attempt didn't rise at all, and the second came out PERFECT. 
 During both attempts I made sure to stir clockwise, and say a prayer to Hestia the Goddess of the Hearth that they would come out right. If you are of the Celtic system(I'm very eclectic) Habonia is the Goddess of hearth and home, she was later absorbed into the cult of Brigid

The first attempt failed because the yeast had not proofed like I thought it did, what i thought was the proofed bubbles where from my stirring it, patience is needed and i simply forgot to exercise that.  
The second one proofed big time (my kitchen smelled like a brewery with all the yeast proofing) but I had fun creating these and my family has enjoyed eating them. I decided also that instead of following Jenna's instructions on the yeast I would follow the package instructions and it worked like a charm. 
The recipe was from Jenna Woginrich's book called Made from Scratch(which I reviewed here) and since the recipe can be found all over the Internet i decided to simply link to it instead of typing it up again (otherwise known as lazy LOL) 
Some substitutions and changes I made:
  • instead of white sugar I used brown sugar the package called for 1 tsp, instead I used 1 tbsp, (i had run out of honey due to all the tea drinking which was due to the colds making the rounds) You can also use raw agave if you have it.
  • instead of butter to grease the pans i used the olive oil. 
  • I also brushed the tops with the olive oil instead of butter.
Break a piece of the bread and make an offering to the hearth guardians of your home. You can also say a prayer to Hestia or Brigid after the bread is baked. As the Goddess of the hearth, Hestia was offered all sacrifices and offerings were made to her first, and the last of the libations were poured out to her. Why not bring this back while you make your own bread and make an offering to the goddess?

Happy Baking

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