Monday 3 January 2011

12 days of Mithra-mas day 9

January 3rd, Evergreen Day

There are many instances within human history where trees have been revered. From the ancient Oak groves of the Celts, to the standing trees which were sacred to Demeter, to the belief in the “Tree of Knowledge” from christian fable, to the “Tree of Life” of Kabalistic traditions, and even the "Tree of the World" where Thor hung to receive the runes, worship and reverence have always surrounded the trees.

Why it’s called an evergreen a Cherokee fable:
When the Great Mystery created the planet, he sought to give a gift to one lucky tree, but didn’t know which tree deserved the gift. So he held a contest, to see which tree would stay awake for seven days and seven nights. One by one each tree fell asleep until the seventh night, where only the pine, the cedar, the spruce, the fir, the holly, and the laurel were still awake. So to them the great mystery gave the gift for life during winter. and thus created the evergreens.

Honoring the Evergreens
when trimming the tree, decorate it with intent, remember that the tree is revered for many reasons, including being the home of the green man.
Invoke and thank the tree for being the home’s protector the purveyor of goodwill and good fortune for those that are in the home, and as the messenger of the New Year.

  • gather around the tree to sing songs.
  • Make your home a sanctuary of greenery, either purchased or found, thank the spirits within for their presence.
  •  Honor the greenery
  •  When the season is over, thanks the tree for it’s presence in your home, find a way to either recycle it or get it chipped into mulch for your spring garden.
  •  For the holly and mistletoe, and laurels 9fi real) you can save these for the Imbolc fire and burn them, with reverence, letting go of the old year and bringing good will and prosperity into the new year.

Some information for Honoring the Tree derived from John Matthews Winter Solstice

Blessed Be

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